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One of the oldest instrument in the history of music, it has been used broadly for giving music to the songs whether it was for Mughals or Beatles. Learn sitar in traditional style of India.


Tabla is one of the sweetest & most flexible of rhythmic instruments. It can be played with most type of Music in the World Getting interested in Tabla? Make your dream comes true, learn it with us.


Indian harmonium is folk instrument famous for worshipping songs, learn it with us. harmonium Music lessons are an opportunity to approach music in a holistic, creative, fun, and supportive environment.


If you want to be mended your flute recital to the next level, you are in the right place. We offers flute lessons, and will teach you in the traditional style. We've best flute teachers who will teach you practically and sure you will be getting expertise in it.


Dholak is one of the very popular and indispensable Indian Musical Instrument. It is a double sided membranophone with natural skin. Learn Dholak with Narayan Music School and enlarge your skill and knowledge.


The guitar is, and has always been, a social instrument. In all its forms, it has always been a portable, multi-stringed instrument made for public hearing. Learn guitar for personal parties and commercial purpose, here we are for you.


The violin is the most modern embodiment of stringed musical instruments played with a bow. No one there, who dislike violin sound, want to become a violin expert, why wait join our classes.


The djembe is a goblet drum made in North Africa or the Middle East out of clay, wood or metal. Djembe mad lovers join our Djembe classes and learn it in short time and avoid long classes.


The tanpura is a string instrument. In structure, it resembles the sitar. It is like a sitar without frets. Looking for Tanpura teacher and not finding? Here we are to teach you in best way.

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Welcome! to Narayan Music School Here you'll learn Sitar, Tabla, Harmonium, Flute, Dholak, Guitar, Voilin, Djembe and lots of articles on theory of Indian music, information on musical instruments of India. Narayan music school offers short term, regular term and extended term, Indian instrumental music courses for learning to play Indian musical instruments.We are leading music instruments seller as well as music teachers with the aim of becoming our each student expert in music field. Read More


I had a great experience studying under the faculty Mr. Narayan Bhatt, who brought out my inner abilities & helped me in showcasing it in a better way.Now I teach others.Thanks for being my best eversince.

James hook (France)
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